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Services and Products

AbA provides the services needed to create your Web Site and to get it up and functioning correctly on the Internet.  This includes:
  • Determination of your needs.
    AbA will consult with you to discuss your needs and the purpose of your web site.  This information will be taken, analyzed, and a proposal will be developed from it.  After your review and approval of the proposal, the design and initial set up of your site will begin.  AbA will assist you and detail the ways to communicate your information, content, images, and logos that you want incorporated into your web site.

  • A web site constructed from content provided by you.
    Your web site is about your business, organization, church, etc.  You provide all the content or data for your site.  Examples of this are current offerings, history, contact information, services, photographs, etc.

  • Utilization of your images, logos, and colors.
    Your current images, including your logo, can be incorporated into your web site.  You will also be able to choose the color scheme to be used.  Images can be sized and cropped for use on your web site. 

  • Basic Photograph Editing
    Basic photographic editing is provided.  This includes the cropping and re-sizing of up to two photographs per page.  Photograph re-touching and original art work are available as Advanced Services.

  • Final "OK" on the design and content of your site.
    You have final sign off on the look and content of each page on your web site prior to its going "live" on the Internet.

  • A Domain Name of your choice.
    Based on availability, you can choose your Domain Name.  AbA will check for the availability of the Domain Name and secure it for you.  Check to see if your Domain Name is available.

  • A facilitated agreement with a web hosting facility.
    AbA will contact a Web Hosting company and arrange for your site to be set up.  You will have a choice of the Web Hosing company.  Typically Web Hosting companies offer various plans and pricing.

  • The HTML source will be uploaded to your web site.
    After the agreement with the Web Hosting company has been finalized, your HTML and images will be uploaded to your site as they become available.  Typically after the hosting agreement is finalized, your web site will be up and available for uploading your web pages within 1 to 24 hours.  This time is determined by the Web Hosting company.

  • The HTML source.
    You receive all the HTML developed for your web site.  With this you can, at your option, make changes and update your site as you have need.

  • Support and Maintenance.
    On Going Support and Maintenance for your web site are available as Advanced Services.

  • Administrative rights.
    If you desire to administer your site yourself, you will be given the Administrative rights along with the required userid and password. 

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Advanced Services and Products

AbA can provide additional services based on your needs and technical requirements.  Any or all of the following services are available to you.

  • Photograph Re-touching and special editing.
    Photos can be touched up by removing unwanted images.  Damaged or soiled photos can be repaired.  This is performed on a per photo basis.  Charges will vary based on work performed. 

  • Original Art Work.
    Original art work can be created based upon your ideas, colors, logos, etc.  This is performed on a per image basis. 

  • Administrative tools.
    AbA will advise you on the tools needed to maintain your web site.  These include HTML editors, image editors, and FTP software.  We can purchase these for you or you can purchase them yourself.

  • Administrative rights.
    Administration of your web site can be done for you at predetermined rates.

  • On-going Support and Maintenance.
    AbA can maintain and update your site at predetermined times and with predetermined rates.  This eliminates the need for you to learn HTML, FTP, image editing or to maintain a staff to do these things for you.

  • Your web site can be submitted to the major search engines.
    Your web site can be submitted to the major search engines so that it can be found by visitors that are searching for the service, products, or information that you provide.  Some submissions can be made at no charge while others require a fee.  All fees are determined by the search engine site.

If you are looking for fast, efficient, and effective Web Site Design and Support,
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