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"AbA specializes in Web Sites for Small Businesses, Churches, and Organizations."

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Web Site Design, Development, Installation, and Support

AbA specializes in informational Web Sites for Small Businesses, Churches, and Organizations.  AbA will discuss and identify your specific needs and goals and then, at your direction, proceed with the development and installation of your Web Site.

Here are some of the Deliverables that you receive:

  • Customized design to meet your needs using your data, your images, your photographs, and your colors.
  • A web site designed to have Quick Response.
  • Facilitated agreement with a web hosting facility.
  • A Domain Name of your choice (some names may not be available).
  • Your HTML source will be uploaded to your site.
  • Your HTML source, data, etc. will be given to you on a CD.
  • Your Web Site can be submitted to the major search engines, this is an optional service.
  • Administrative rights, if desired.
  • Administrative tools are optional.
  • On-going support is optional.

For more detailed information about our offerings, see AbA's Services and Products.
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